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Many of our meats are cooked on the premises to ensure their freshness and avoid many of the preservatives found in processed meats. All of the sandwiches are made as close to serving time as possible on a mix of grain, white and wholemeal breads. We have developed a grading system to allow you to choose the type of sandwich best suited to your group – if you are still not sure, please contact our catering staff for advice. We usually recommend 1 ½ rounds (6 points) of sandwiches per person , with perhaps a little more for a group of predominantly men.

Vegetarians are also happily catered for - however please check with your guest as to what type of vegetarian they are as there are some diffference. Vegans for instance eat no type of animal product whatsoever, wheras a lacto-ovo vegetarian will happily accept eggs and dairy products. Unless specified we will include eggs and dairy in some of our vegetarian fillings. For other special dietary requirements, please refere to our seperate page for a listing of available products.


 BUDGET SANDWICHES  $5.00 per round
Small Tray (32 points) $40.00 Large Tray (48 points) 60.00
These sandwiches have very simple fillings of meats and salad items such as;
Ham & Pickle Silverside & Tomato
Tomato , Lettuce & Cheese Chicken
This type of sandwich is used generally by people such as sporting clubs and community groups who need to supply a large quantity of sandwiches on a small budget or as a lighter sandwich suitable for morning or afternoon tea.

 HEARTY SANDWICHES  $5.90 per round
Small Tray (32 points) $47.20 Large Tray (48 points) $70.80
Hearty sandwiches are a bigger sandwich mix of traditional vegetarian and meat based fillings designed to appeal to a wide range of people. Example;
Ham, Tomato, Carrot & Cheese Chicken & Avocado
Roast Beef, Cheese & Homestyle Chutney Curried Egg & Lettuce
This type of sandwich is commonly used for training workshops and internal meetings where a substantial sandwich is required.

 $7.80per round
Small Tray (32 points) $62.40 Large Tray (48 points) $93.60
These sandwiches are designed to impress! Gourmet fillings such as smoked salmon, brie cheese, grilled zucchini, baby spinach, crisp bacon, sundried tomato are used as well as our standard fresh ingredients to create interesting & tasty combinations. Some samples of these are;
Roast Vegetable & Tomato Relish Thai Beef Salad
Caesar Chicken Sandwich Smoked Salmon & Caper Salad

 TORTILLA WRAPS  $8.80 each
Choose from the delicious range listed below, or we can send you a variety - we then cut these wraps in half to form two portions so your group can mix their selection. Most people will only eat one wrap (two portions) especially if there is another platter to accompany the meal.


Especially popular with men, these little salad rolls have fillings similar to those described in the Hearty Sandwich range. We suggest one shell per person if serving with another platter, or a combination of one shell roll and one sandwich for groups with big appetites!                   
(These rolls are especially baked for us, and so must be ordered at least 1 full working day ahead.)

Minimum order of 6 shell rolls.




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